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The project was awarded in conjunction with the University of Stellenbosch, by the South African Department of Science and Technology.

  • SumbandilaSat was designed and completed in record time.

  • The main payload is a multi-spectral imager with 6 bands and a Ground Sampling Distance (GSD) of 6.25 m

  • Imaging is supported by 6 Gigabyte on-board storage with an additional 18 Gigabyte redundant capacity.


Satellite Mass     82 kg
Design Lifetime  3 Years
Orbital Altitude   500 km
Orbit Type          Sun-synchronous
Data Downlink    72 Mbit/s

Imaging Payload

Linescan imager:  6.25 m GSD
Swath width:         52 km
Spectral bands:    6 at VNIR
Forward motion compensation: 4x
Matrix imager:       8.4 m GSD
Scene size:            8 x 10 km
Storage capacity:  24 GByte

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