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Spaceteq had its origins in the SunSat satellite programme of the Stellenbosch University,
a prime example of the role that an university can play as a catalyst for economic growth.

  • Sunsat ,a Microsatellite (64kg) with 15m GSD 3-band multi-spectral pushbroom imager, was South Africa's first satellite developed completely by a team of South African engineers and partially funded by DST.

  • In February 1999, SunSat was launched by NASA on Delta II USAF.

  • The satellite operated successfully in space, fulfilling all mission objectives, demonstrating imaging capability not before considered possible with a small satellite

Image specifications

  • 3456 pixel Linear CCD

  • 3 colour

    • Green

    • Red

    • Near Infra Red

  • 15-30m resolution

  • Swath width 52km

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