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OTF 600


The Optical Testing Facility (OTF) is a multi-story decoupled structure populated with various instruments which can be test specific configured during the assembly, integration and testing (AIT) of optical payloads. The OTF provides an optical axis vertical AIT solution that can accommodate payloads up to 600mm in diameter with upgrade capability to accommodate larger optical systems. The OTF is situated at the Spaceteq Satellite Integration Facility (Houwteq campus) within a 480sqm class 8 Cleanroom. The Houwteq facility comprises various space application test laboratories which are accessible directly from the main AIT clean room.

Key Features

Seismic base (SB) – 200 ton decoupled, fully grounded anti-static 5m x 7m working floor area.

Seismic Facility Super Structure (SFSS) – Modular structure which houses all optical AIT instruments & equipment.

Interferometric Test Bench (ITB) – Interferometric performance measurement & alignment of individual optics or assembled optical systems.

Assembly Test Bench (ATB) – Assembly and alignment of optics within space application telescope structures. Optical axis vertical / rotation applied, alignment and measurement methodology.

Collimator Test Bench (CTB) – Vertical collimator used to characterize optical systems. 
Liquid Mirror Test Bench (LMTB) – A base mounted, flat optical surface, used for autocollimation.
OTF Controller – a software suite designed to control all operational communication and commands between hardware and user defined applications. This also provides the capability to automate complex functions and remotely access and execute sensitive prosedures.


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